First Floor Entrance Level:

  • Retail shops
  • Water bar … open the waters
  • Meeting rooms | Mall area little shops | Coffee shop
  • Partitioned bath areas | Coop small boutique/collectible shops
  • Escape room in a space
  • Artist studios
  • Culinary academy to inclubate | Upscale restaurants
  • Restaurant
Hall of Waters Visioning
  • Co-working space for entrepreneurs and potential future business owners as an incubator
  • Mineral water bar, coffee shop, luncheonette, inside outside
  • Imaginarium: Revenue Generation: (small) admission fees, special activities/events, pop up shop kiosks, water bar — mocktails, cocktails & light refreshments, private event rental
  • Rent office space by Week, Month, Year
  • Retail boutique with Excelsior Springs gifts and memorabilia

Second Floor:

  • Plex pod on Iwerx
  • Boutique shops
  • Historic time period rooms for photography sessions, aka old time photos
  • Wine bar
  • Venue for special events — weddings, reunions — family, class
  • Micro kiosk businesses (like what was at Metro North Mall in the walk ways)
  • An Imaginarium: For all ages — to explore and discover together — where a carnival and museum inspire curiosity, creativity, and magic
  • Imaginarium: Music room — to explore music through a variety of self guided activities
  • Imaginarium: Art Studio — featuring a variety of mediums, crafts, and activities/classes
  • Imaginarium: Library –the perfect place to discover the world through extraordinary books not the visual library fare. Also with delightful reading nooks.

Ground Floor Mazzanine:

  • Bring back spa
  • Open spa as day spa
  • Butterfly garden exhibit
  • Planetarium
  • Bird aviary

Pool Area:

  • Live music venue
  • Inside green house of organic vegetables
  • Moveable dance floor over pool
  • Pickle ball courts on wood floor at pool area
  • Skating, roller or ice rink
  • Open pool as working pool
  • Pool could be a large koi pond with tropical plants
  • Floating floor over pool
  • Large events in pool area
Hall of Waters Visioning


  • It’s perfect for a vintage bar with unusual waters, vintage sodas, AND cocktails. Fun, unusual light food and desserts that change frequently would help keep it interesting year round. We’ve added lots of community rooms to places like the hospital, community center, and library over the last few years but the Hall of Waters would have been the original and best space for community rooms.
  • I would like to see the Water Bar as it used to be also I would like to see a spa, massages, arts. Maybe a few meeting rooms, yoga, exercise, healthy things.
  • Learning space for crafts and other hobbies. Teach all ages new things.
  • How about a concert hall?
  • It would be amazing to have something like they do at Union Station. A few nice eateries, specialty shops, event space, all while maintaining the historical significance and beautiful architecture.
  • Ballroom where pool is. Restaurant around water bar. Health spa.
  • A pool. And open the polio pool up for smaller, younger, or handicapped.
  • An arcade full of games such as Mortal Kombat, NFL Blitz, and Daytona USA.
  • Museum! With the current museum site used as an annex and for museum activities and classes.
  • Arcade, skating rink, dance/pool hall type thing … kids who don’t do sports need something to do.
  • Movie theatre
  • Restore the Water Bar and mineral baths and. Also re-open that beautiful indoor pool. Include, up scale Hair Salon, Manicure, Pedicures, a wine garden.
  • I think it would be a fantastic place (not sure what us called) to house all thing “art”. A place to go buy art supplies, camera supplies, instruments, repair shops for cameras and instruments and such. There could be a place for cooking classes, art classes, a big pottery room with kilns and wheels, ugh the list is endless!!!! Oh sewing, crochet, needlepoint!!!! Dance lessons…. what a great place. I am so excited just thinking about it.
  • A family fun center!! Which has always been a dream of mine to own a place where families could go to enjoy good wholesome family fun and make many memories!! Memories our priceless and a big treasure in our lives!!