• Major anchor for downtown heritage tourism.
  • This is an opportunity to attract private investment and enterprise to underutilized portions of building.
  • This project will demonstrate positive economic impact from the invesetment made.
  • “The architectural artistry and fascinating history of the Hall of Waters draws visitors from around the world, but without partnerships and invesetment, the building will continue to deteriorate Rehabilitating the Hall of Waters would bring economic benefits to Excelsior Springs while preserving a critical pieceof the communitys identity and character.” – Katherine Malone-France, Chief Preservation Officer, National Trust for Historic Preservation


  • Rich with history, embedded in the town’s people who grew up swimming in the pool.
  • No other building in the region provides better evidence of this remarkable history better.
  • Most ambitious project undertaken by WPA in Missouri.
  • It was said, “One would suppose you would find everybody here on the sick list — but that is far from being the case — many come in good health, for amusement, and for the sake of spending a week or two to see and be seen. There were balls, concerts and all descriptions of amusements.”
  • Curing sickness and securing good health motivated many who visited but the quest for amusement was also a critical part of the story.


  • Preserves the places that matter to our community; the connection to our past and our future.
  • Protects heritage and the places we are proud of.
  • We have the places that attract people who want to enjoy time together. We have created the PLACES, our businesses created the REASONS to visit when you do. We ask our visitors to share their stories and make their visit a TRADITION. We want to be the venue for your REMARKABLE experiences.
  • Heart of town is in its people.
  • Trail blazers — lots of heart, ambition, do anything for their neighbors, community, best intentions for common good.
  • Business owners with vision, not afraid to try something new.
  • The places in our community, the memories and emotions they evoke, make our community a someplace rather than an anyplace.