A facility study was conducted and over $20 Million is needed to restore the building to standard condition. The improvements as outlined in the facility plan include:


Description of Improvement Needed

Estimated Cost


1-2 Years

  • Structural Repairs/Shoring in front yard and Hall of Spring Water Bar
  • Tower Rehabilitation
  • Miscellaneous repointing North/East elevations to stop water infiltration, emergency generator to run sump pumps
  • Hazardous materials removal
  • Repair/cap leaking sewer piping, install oil minder for hydraulic fluid for elevator, remove current sump pump outflow pipe and create new discharge with redundancy out of building during flood event


Intermediate Phase I Rehab Work

2-5 Years

  • Create 1st/2nd floor tenant space
  • Fire rated egress
  • Water bar plumbing fixtures
  • Expansion of existing restrooms
  • New lighting, restore existing light fixtures
  • VRF air/heating system, ductwork, electrial panels
  • Grinder pumps



2-5 Years

  • Doors
  • Exterior repoint entire building
  • New windows
  • Patch damaged stucco, stabilize, repair stone walls
  • Storm piping system


Intermediate Phase 2 Rehab Work

5-10 Years

  • Create Mezzanine leasable event space
  • VRF, lighting, windows, re-lamp exterior light fixtures
  • Restore skylight
  • Repair steel doors, louvers, overhead doors


Future Phase 3 Rehabilitation Work

10 years+

  • Spa restoration
  • Well Room treatment


Phase 4

Restore Mineral Water Wells


Hall of Waters Swimming Pool

Today, visitors ask, "where
is the mineral water?"

The geological oddity discovered in Excelsior Springs is the presence of more varieties of mineral water in one geographic region than any other place in the world, other than Baden-Baden, Germany.

Ideally, the economic value of the building could be returned through operating leases intended to restore the building to uses supported by our growing tourism industry.

When we make improvements to the building, we must use funds that might otherwise be used to make city-wide improvements within the community or choose to just let the building go.


There has been interest expressed ...

The building houses a city hall, an abandoned swimming pool, the world’s longest water bar and spa facilities of yesteryear. The building is a masterpiece, but in decline. The highest and best use is not as a city hall, our presence just prevents the shuttering of the building for good.

Today, tourism continues to be a key industry for our community; we are the number one wedding destination in the KC market, attraction to our Main Street with visitors spending nearly $6.5 million in reported taxable retail sales during 2021, experiencing the shops, activities and events, wineries and breweries. The Hall of Waters Visitor Center and Cultural Museum had 5,437 visitors in 2021. Ideally, the best use for the building is several uses that bring people into the building. A visitor center and small museum currently operates 7-days/week to provide tours of the building and access to a reading room.

Potential uses include leasable space for an active spa, event space, office space for the Chamber, and possible coffee shop or other retail. The Elms Hotel is currently working to create the largest spa in the Midwest on their property and this building works hand in hand with the plans.